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Carbon Neutral Planning for Local Government

Many local authorities in the UK have now declared a climate emergency, and are working towards achieving carbon neutrality. In some cases they are assisted by community energy or climate action groups, and most of the references which follow derive from the work of one such group member, Julian Stringer.

There is a clear need to establish current levels of carbon based energy use before deciding on measures needed to reach zero carbon. National as well as local data is relevant, particularly where the latter is incomplete and estimates must be made. References to both types of source are made below.

Overall UK energy production and consumption figures may be found in the Digest of UK Energy Statistics [1]. Data on UK carbon dioxide emissions embodied in traded goods are given in Fezzigna et al. [2]. UK population figures are provided in the Overview of the UK population [3]. Data about fuel consumption, emissions and biofuels for the UK are given in Energy and environment: data tables